Color Correction, Balayage, Hair Dreams Extensions, Brazilian Hair Treatments, Keratin Therapy Treatments, Keratherapy

top rated SAN ANTONIO balayage and hair extensions


B. Avery Salon & Barbershop is a dual salon and barber shop that offers high end salon services for both men & women.

Seven days a week, we offer Balayage, Hair Dreams Extensions, Haircutting & Styling, Keratin/brazilian treatments & Men's grooming & toupees

Additionally, we use vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products that are made from natural ingredients.

Our conscious choice to remain green helps the environment, while protecting our clients and the integrity of your hair.


High End Salon

& Barber Shop

B. Avery Salon & Barber Shop

12651 Vance Jackson 

Suite 110 Room 408 

San Antonio, TX 78230 


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