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Spa Services

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Spa Services

B. Avery Salon & Barbershop is more than a hair salon. We provide luxurious spa services using high-end products. These include facials, reiki, and massage therapy. We know you're often on the go, so we give you a space to relax. You deserve it!


Facials at B. Avery Salon & Barbershop include vegan and cruelty-free products. Each helps you maintain your beautiful complexion and youthful skin. Even if you keep up with regular at-home skincare, a professional facial is a great idea. When you come to our salon, we will help you relax and stay calm.


Massage therapy is one of B. Avery Salon & Barbershop's specialties. We don't deny that how you feel affects how you look. If your muscles have knots, chances are you're stressed. If you're stressed, it probably shows. Give yourself space to relax as we massage your neck and back. Live your life without feeling tense. Call to book with our in-house masseuse.

Meet Erin

Hair Salon in San Antonio, TX

I’m Erin and I’ve been doing massage for 3 years. I’ve develop a unique mixture of trigger point, muscle activation and peripheral neuromuscular facilitation delivered in a relaxation massage that allows you to rest and get the best of what massage has to offer! Melt the knots away while you relax!

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Reiki is a Japanese-style massage technique to calm the body and mind. If you feel like you've lost your youthful energy, this treatment helps. Reiki massage therapists transfer energy from their palms to your body. People have tried Reiki massages to treat many conditions and ailments. It can help you find the power from within.

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